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2021 WLA Preconference Series

On Thursday, September 30, we will be offering a series of in-person preconference workshops! Program descriptions and times are subject to change. 

Registration for pre-conferences is included in the in-person conference registration form. There will be additional preconference programs included on this page later this summer. The WLA Office will contact preconference registrants as more programs are added.

Thursday, September 30 | 8:30 AM-12:30 PM; 2:00-5:00pm [8 hours]

Digital Survival Skills: Teaching Students & Adults the Media Literacy Tools No One Taught Us
Learn how you can help your students or patrons build confidence in their ability to navigate the (mis)information landscape with the Digital Survival Skills & MisinfoDay curriculum. Explore lessons and assignments appropriate for middle school, high school, and adult audiences that help them reflect on their media environment, learn how social media algorithms and cognitive biases shape that environment, develop fact-checking skills, and share these vital skills with others.

Liz Crouse, MisinfoDay Coordinator, University of Washington Center for an Informed Public
Shawn Lee, Social Studies Teacher, Seattle Public Schools

Thursday, September 30 | 8:30 AM-12:30 PM [4 hours]

Librarian Camp!: Fully Engaged Learning with Camp Read-a-Rama
Summer reading meets summer camp! Move, groove, sing, and dance while you learn the 100% engagement educational model of Camp Read-a-Rama, a non-profit and year-round literacy immersion program (face to face and virtual) for children ages 4 to 11, with 10+ years of experience with using children’s books as the springboard for all activities. Camp Read-a-Rama takes an interdisciplinary approach to creating programming, integrating STEM, movement, arts, field trips, outdoor activities, aquatics, and more. Enrich your summer reading programs, or get your first taste of training for offering your own Camp Read-a-Rama.

Michelle H. Martin, Beverly Cleary Professor for Children & Youth Services, University of Washington Information School

Thursday, September 30 | 2:00-5:00 PM [3 hours]

Help Me Help You: Supporting (& Getting Support from) Your Business Community
Every public library can establish itself as a valuable hub in their local business ecosystem. The work isn't overly complicated... it just takes time, persistence and commitment. That said, a starting point can be helpful. The Spokane Public Library has built a world-class set of tools, resources, and networks of support across academia, industry, investment/banking, and local government. This has led to a cascading series of beneficial outcomes for the library, for our higher education institutions, and for our business community. Come get your map.

Mark Pond, Business Research Librarian, Spokane Public Library