Sheri BoggsAlki Editor
Spokane County Library District

Frank Brasile, Alki Editorial Committee Chair
Seattle Public Library

Kris Becker (Term Expires: 12/2018)

Jefferson County Library 

Suzanne Carlson-Prandini (Term Expires 12/2018)

Bellingham Public Library/Whatcom Community College 

Karen R. Diller (Term Expires: 12/2018)
WSU Vancouver Library

Anna Shelton (Term Expires: 12/2018)
Pierce County Library System

Kelsey Smith (Term Expires 12/2018)
Timberland Regional Library

Mindy Van Wingen (Term Expires 12/2018)
Everett Public Library
Dusty Waltner (Term Expires: 12/2018)
Columbia County Rural Library District


Alki Editor
The Alki Editor is responsible for providing a balanced mixture of relevant and thoughtful articles and features on the problems, responsibilities and concerns of all library personnel. The journal should be a leader in the field by raising the consciousness of the profession which it serves. Alki should be a responsive and inspirational voice reflecting WLA to a diverse library community. The Alki Editor reports to the WLA President and is evaluated by the President with input from the Alki Editorial Committee Chair and
Marketing and Communications Committee Chair.

Alki Editorial Committee
The eight-member Alki Editorial Committee, led by the Editorial Committee Chair, is responsible for ensuring that the journal remains current and relevant to the needs of the library community. The committee provides direction to the Editor and the Editorial Committee Chair provides overall oversight. The committee is charged with proposing Alki policies and developing day-to-day operating procedures (i.e. selection of themes, content solicitation and development, etc.). Members also actively contribute to the journal. Committee members are appointed by the WLA President and serve two-year terms. The Marketing and Communications Committee Chair, as well as a student of an ALA-accredited library school serves as Ex-officio committee members.