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2023 Alki Editorial Committee

The Alki Editorial Committee meets on a monthly basis to manage the administrative tasks of publishing a peer-review journal. Led by the committee chairs, committee members are responsible for 

ensuring that the journal remains current and relevant to the needs of the library community. Members of the committee perform peer review of all articles, openly advocate for the journal, and solicit submissions from across the state.

Photo of Bethany McKinley standing in front of a pond.
Bethany McKinley

Alki Editor

" "
Ray Zill

Alki Web Editor
The Evergreen State College

Headshot of Ann Dyer in front of books
Ann Dyer

Washington State University

Headshot of Mikayla Kittilstved in front of library bookshelves.
Mikayla Kittilstved

Liberty Lake Municipal Library

Julie Graham
Yakima Valley Libraries

Headshot of Irene Miller
Irene Miller

San Jose State University

Headshot of Anna Pedersen standing on a boat
Anna Pedersen
Pierce College
Headshot of Marisa Petrich. She is looking directly at the camera and smiling.
Marisa Petrich
University of Washington
Woman with shoulder-length brown hair and wearing glasses smiles against a white background.
Emily Spracklin
Western Washington University
" "
Melanie Smith
University of Washington iSchool
Headshot of Rebecca Stewart, with lavender fields in the background.Rebecca Stewart
University of Washington iSchool

This is a headshot of Traci, a white woman with red hair tied up in a bun. She has black glasses and wears a black dress. She is standing in front of a teal-colored background.
Traci Timmons
Washington Talking Book & Braille Library

A white, mid-size, female-presenting person in her mid-thirties with shoulder-length wavy hair. She wears glasses with black frames.
Caitlin Wheeler
Spokane County Library District