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Alki : The Washington Library Association Journal (ISSN: 8756-4173) is published three times a year. Each issue centers on a theme selected by the Alki Editorial Committee. Themes for upcoming issues are announced on the WLA website and listserv or in the editor’s columns.

Fall 2022
Call for Papers — AEDI Contributors Milestones

Call for Papers: Indigenous Librarianship

The Washington library community wants to hear from you! Share your voice by publishing in Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal. We welcome content from all library workers, students, supporters, volunteers, and trustees. We publish peer-reviewed articles, opinion pieces, creative writing, and art. 

For far too long, American libraries have had problematic interactions with local tribes, reinforcing destructive colonial relationships or helping to perpetuate the mythology that Native peoples are “disappearing.”  December’s issue of Alki will publish pieces that center indigenous voices in our community, consider our relationships with local tribes, and highlight the practice of indigenous librarianship. Indigenous librarianship prioritizes the interests, practices, needs, and support of Indigenous people and can be practiced by both indigenous and non-indigenous librarians. Submissions could include the following: 

  • Art, opinion pieces, or articles written by indigenous members of our community
  • Visual tours or spotlights on tribal libraries, museums, archives, or research centers
  • Pieces highlighting programming and/or partnerships between libraries and local tribes, tribal members that center tribes, or tribal revitalization efforts 
  • Theoretical pieces on how libraries could support tribal sovereignty efforts 
  • Reports on how libraries have worked with local tribes to feature authentic Native arts in their physical or virtual spaces 
  • Articles or research on integrating indigenous language, knowledge, and information sharing in your library
  • Research on critical concepts that non-Indigenous peoples need to know

Alki is a journal by and for the Washington library community. We accept submissions that may not fit our theme but are still important to our community.  

Email your submissions to [email protected] by October 15, 2022. Submissions should be in a separate, email attachment (.doc, .docx, or Google Doc format) and include the following: 

  • Title 
  • Author name(s) and affiliation(s) 
  • Short, third-person bio and headshot of author(s) 
  • Text of article and citations using Chicago Manual of Style 
  • Images in .jpg or .png format with accompanying captions (please consider accessibility when writing your captions) 
  • Pull quotes or short selections of your article that you would like highlighted in larger print 
  • Any specific formatting requests 

Ray Zill, the current Alki editor, is available to discuss ideas and expectations. Reach out by contacting her at[email protected]. For inspiration, check out past issues of Alki


Call for AEDI Contributors

Anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion (AEDI) work is a core, guiding principle for Alki and the Washington Library Association. In an effort to highlight AEDI, Alki now features a permanent column dedicated to these themes. In creating this column July 2020 and launching it in November 2020, we do not intend to limit the conversation to this space.

Each Alki issue is a dynamic collection of submissions from library workers and students across the state; the content is dependent upon those who choose to share their voices. Due to the justice-focused nature of libraries and library work, AEDI themes may naturally show up in the pieces we receive and believe that it will be reflected across many of the feature articles that are published. However, they are not always guaranteed. We, the Alki Editorial Committee, intend for this column to ensure that justice-focused work and stories are consistently elevated and that conversations are sustained.

We are energized to call on our entire community of library workers—in any role—to submit articles for this column by emailing [email protected]. Please include the article in your email and a brief biography. The deadline is rolling, and we will consider all articles that are submitted that address AEDI themes.

Articles can be about, but are not limited to:

  • Accountability
  • Equity and social justice
  • Anti-racism and combating white supremacy
  • Dismantling existing structures and examinations of power
  • Community-led engagement

Questions? Please reach out to the Alki Editor by emailing [email protected].


Call for Milestones

The Milestones section focuses on significant moments for libraries statewide—recognizing notable new hires, transitions, retirements, as well as remembrances of those who have passed.

Alki is looking for submissions, of approximately 250 words, that highlight notable accomplishments in the careers of those profiled. Photographs are encouraged.

Please send your Milestones submissions for inclusion in an upcoming Alki issue to [email protected]