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Download the the Fall Issue: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Alki : The Washington Library Association Journal (ISSN: 8756-4173) is published three times a year. Each issue centers on a theme selected by the Alki Editorial Committee. Themes for upcoming issues are announced on the WLA Web site and listserv or in the editor’s columns.

  • Winter 2020: Keeping Count

    Contributions for the Spring issue must be submitted by Sunday, February 16, 2020

    It's time to submit articles to the next issue of Alki! The Spring 2020 Issue is “Keeping Count”.

    The library world continues to change rapidly. Amidst this turmoil, some of our concrete efforts have remained the same. We strive to protect patron privacy, a core belief that is codified in the ALA Code of Ethics. We assess our work regularly, tracking circulation statistics, number of students in a class, our shrinking budgets. We maintain databases and think of relationships to vendors, are wrangling big data, and think critically about the storage and retention of information.

    The Washington Library Association’s Alki is seeking paper proposals for its March 2020 edition, with the broad theme of “Keeping Count”. We are looking for proposals from all library types and from all library workers!

    How is your library considering the 2020 U.S. census? Have you created courses to educate students to think critically about privacy? How are you dealing with budget shortfalls? What big (open?) data initiatives are you proud of? What are the benefits and/or pitfalls of our culture of assessment? How is your library dealing with its vendor relationships? This is an amazing opportunity to share stories and strategies with your colleagues.

    Please send your articles to [email protected] and include:

    • Your name and position/library
    • Your working title
    • Your article
    • Intent to include graphics (photo, logo, other)
    • Contact information

    The deadline to submit articles for the Spring issue is Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman, the editor of Alki, is happy to discuss ideas and expectations with you as well. We will also consider articles that are not related to the theme but are of interest to the WLA community.

Articles should be in-depth examinations of issues of importance to Washington libraries. All works should be original. Unsolicited contributions and off-theme articles are encouraged.  Articles should be written using Chicago style. Submissions are edited. The editor and the Alki committee make the final decision on any submitted material. Please direct queries to [email protected]

Format: Article text should be submitted as digital files in .doc or .docx format. Article text may be transmitted as an email attachment. Artwork and photos should be transmitted separately as .jpeg files, NOT incorporated into the document. Alki publishing requires high-resolution art and image files, preferably 300 dots per inch. Please include informative captions with artwork. We recommend that you contact the editor before submitting artwork. Artwork will be returned on request.

Typical article lengths range from one to three Alki pages, including artwork. A three-page article with artwork contains no more than 2,500 words.  Note: each page = 750 words (or fewer with graphics)

News items about personnel changes, professional organizations, awards, grants, elections, and facility moves or construction are included in the “Communiqué” column as space permits.

Columns are regular features about library service or operations. Columns are typically pre-assigned to a designated person. Anyone interested in submitting material for a specific column should contact the editor. Columns include:  “I’d Rather Be Reading,” thematic book reviews, "Read This Book," targeted to school librarians, and "Dispatches From Swellville," library satire at its finest.

Alki retains electronic representation and distribution rights to its contents. Alki reserves the right to re-use text, photos and artwork in subsequent issues, with notification to the submitters, if possible. Otherwise, all rights revert to the authors.