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Sasquatch Award - Flyers! Brochures! Bookmarks!

2019 Materials Coming soon! 



Promote those Saquatch books- Ideas from our WLA session

  1. Show book trailers. 
  2. Book Scavenger Hunts
  3. Battle of the books-use emojis!
  4. Party to celebrate reading 6 or more-camping theme.
  5. Use flipgrid.
  6. Sasquatch poster.  Books on display.  Ballots to vote.
  7. Challenge to read 12 books-Sasquatch& Otter.  Party to celebrate.
  8. Clock hours to read Sasquatch-20 pates per 1 clock hour.  -  Mt. Vernon School District.  She has a set of the books. June to June.
  9. Connections to learning targets.
  10. Sasquatch Super Bowl Competition-Librarian reads them challenges students.
  11. Use Sasquatches-make display.
  12. Tag books with student names & comments.


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