WALT Board Position Descriptions

The WALT chair provides the agenda, conducts meetings, and keeps the meetings on task.  The chair is WALT's official representative to the WLA interest group council. 

The vice-chair serves in the temporary absence of the chair or becomes chair if the chair is unable to serve in that capacity.  The vice-chair is responsible for welcoming new members and for promoting WALT to potential members. 

The secretary/treasurer takes minutes during the meetings and provides the approved minutes to the webmaster for posting.  The secretary/treasurer works with the WLA treasurer to maintain accurate records of WALT expenditures and account balances. 

Program Chair
The program chair is responsible for planning and coordinating WALT-sponsored workshops and conference programs. 

The webmaster creates and maintains the WALT Web pages and works with the WLA webmaster to ensure timely and accurate information about WALT on the WLA web site.