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WALT Charter

Approved June, 2012

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be Washington Library Trainers, also known as WALT. 

Article II: Relationship

This organization is an Interest Group of the Washington Library Association, as authorized by the Washington Library Association Bylaws. (Article XIII, Section 3.)

Article III. Purpose

The primary purposes of Washington Library Trainers shall be to share information, communication, learning, and support for those involved in or interested in:

  • Training, career development, and continuing education for library staff
  • Education and instruction for library users

Article IV. Membership

Any member of Washington Library Association may become a member of Washington Library Trainers.  Payment of dues is provided for according to the Washington Library Association Bylaws.

Article V. Officers and Steering Committee

Section 1.

The officers of Washington Library Trainers shall consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer, one or two Program Chair or Co-Chairs, and a Webmaster.

Section 2. 

The Steering Committee of Washington Library Trainers shall consist of the officers as named above.

Section 3

Officers and Job Responsibilities

  1. The Chair, or their designee, shall serve as the Washington Library Trainers representative to the Washington Library Association Interest Group Council. This position’s responsibilities shall include: create meeting agenda, facilitate meetings, and foster communication among the membership.
  2. The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair as needed, function in the absence of the Chair, and oversee the membership recruitment process. The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect serves in the temporary absence of the Chair or becomes Chair if the Chair is unable to serve in that capacity until an election is held. The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect is responsible for welcoming new members and promoting WALT to potential members statewide.
  3. The Secretary-Communications shall take minutes during meetings and provide the approved minutes to the Webmaster for posting.  This position works with the WLA treasurer to maintain accurate records of WALT expenditures and account balances as well as the signature on WLA vouchers for payment.
  4. The Program Chair(s) are responsible for coordinating the organization and delivery of programs for the interest group. The Program Chair(s) actively solicits ideas and input from WALT members about suggested program topics and speakers for both internal training events and conference events. Sub-committees may be appointed as appropriate to arrange program details.  (see Program Chair(s) description for more information).
  5. The Webmaster shall create and maintain the WALT web pages and work with the WLA webmaster to ensure timely and accurate information about WALT is available on the WLA web site.

Section 4.  Period of Office:

a)    One Year Term (election allowed annually but not required)

  • Webmaster

b)    Two Year Term

  • Program Chair or Co-Chairs
  • Secretary/Treasurer

c)    Three Year Term (rolling position)

  • Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:  One Year Term
  • Chair:  One Year Term
  • Chair Emeritus:  One Year Term
    • For example, a member running for Vice Chair will do so with the understanding that they will serve for a total of 3 years – one term as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, one term as Chair, and one term as Chair Emeritus. 

Officers may be re-elected, but may serve a total of no more than two consecutive terms in one position.   

Section 5. 

Ad-hoc committees shall be appointed by the Steering Committee or Chair as needed.

Article VI. Nominations and Elections

Section 1. 

A Nominating Committee, appointed by the Steering Committee, shall submit a list of nominees for the positions in Article V, to members present at a WALT meeting, or by electronic ballot in the month of March so that all officers will be in place by the end of WALT’s Annual Business Meeting. Additional nomination(s) may be made on the electronic ballot. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be the most recent available Past Chair of WALT.

Section 2. 

Election Process: A ballot shall be sent to the membership or an election may be held at the annual business meeting.  A simple majority of members voting shall be sufficient to elect the officers.  If election shall take place by ballot, ballots shall be sent to all WALT members and allow 21 days to return said ballot and will include directions for members to vote by mail, facsimile, or by electronic means as directed and approved by the WALT Steering Committee.  If election shall take place at the annual business meeting, notice of the slate to be voted on at the election must be sent out 30 days in advance of the election.

Article VII. Meetings & WALT Activities

Section 1

An annual business meeting shall be held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Washington Library Association, or at a WALT meeting.  WALT shall hold two or more membership meetings consisting of business meetings, workshops, and programs, during the elective year.  Members are encouraged to attend all meetings.   A simple majority of members present will be sufficient to implement decisions made at these meetings.

Section 2

Meetings of the Steering Committee shall be scheduled as needed and may include online, telephone, or face-to-face meetings.  Steering Committee meetings shall be open to any WALT member who wishes to attend.

Article VIII. Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy in the Chair position, the Vice-Chair, or an officer appointed by the WALT Steering Committee shall become the Chair.  All other vacancies in Steering Committee offices shall be filled by the Chair with the approval of the WALT Steering Committee.  Officers appointed to fill vacancies shall serve until the next regular election.

Vacancies in any ad-hoc committees shall be filled by the Chair with the approval of the Steering Committee.

Article IX. Amendments

Any additions or amendments to the bylaws shall be submitted to the membership through a ballot or vote at the annual business meeting.  Ballots will include directions for members to vote by mail, facsimile, or by electronic means as directed and approved by the WALT Steering Committee.  A simple majority of the votes shall be sufficient to amend the bylaws.

Revised 4.12.12