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WLA Dues Restructure

The WLA Finance Committee (FC) has finished their work on assessing and restructuring WLA membership dues as part of the recent Bylaw updates. This has taken the better part of a year involving a great deal of research and communication with other ALA State Chapter Associations and our various WLA Division members and groups. Under the new structure, most dues will decrease or remain the same. Section memberships will now be free. The last WLA membership dues restructure was undertaken in 2011-12.

Individual Members: There will be no increase to Individual Employee membership dues levels for 2018. Individual dues will continue to be based on each member’s income level so as to provide an affordable access point to everyone. Members are welcome to deduct unreimbursed professional expenses when determining their income range. The rate each Individual member pays is self-selected. WLA does not collect income information about our members.

Organizational Members: Last year, there had been increasing concern within WLA leadership that our Organizational membership dues levels were not equitable across our Divisions, and in many cases, far out of step with most other State Associations. Additionally, no membership entry point was defined for some libraries and advocate organizations. Most of our Organizational members were paying an annual formula of .04% of their operating expenditures, with a cap of $18,000 per year. Other Organizational members were paying based on completely different measures. It was all over the map.

As a result of the FC’s work, the longtime formula that most of our Organizational members have been paying has been reduced for 2018 to .03% of operating expenditures, and the cap has been lowered to $10,000. This is a very significant decrease in dues for our largest libraries, and since the formula’s overall percentage has been lowered, this will mean savings for the majority of our Organizational members. We have also defined entry points for our advocate groups that previously didn’t exist. Friends, Foundations, Nonprofits and our community Vendors may now join as organizations and not just as individuals. This will be a great way for them to demonstrate their support for our state’s libraries and library staff.

Divisions and Sections: WLA members will continue to receive free entry into one WLA Division of their choice (Academic, Public, School, or Special Libraries). Members may choose to join additional Divisions for $10 each per year. For their first year of membership, students will receive entry in all four Divisions at no additional charge.

While WLA’s ten interest-based Sections previously cost $5 each per year, members may now join any Section they choose for no extra charge. Join one or all—it’s your choice!

Learn more about Individual and Organizational memberships here.

 Mark your calendars for WLA 2018!

Next year WLA will return to beautiful Yakima, Washington, at the Yakima Convention Center. Mark your calendars for October 17-20, 2018!

Please enjoy the newest issue of Alki : November 2017 - The Conference Preview Issue   

Alki November 2017

The annual WLA Conference is a time to gain inspiration from our colleagues around the state, reflect on the important work that we do, and recharge our batteries with like-minded peers. In this Conference Preview issue of Alki we look ahead to WLA 2017 by previewing sessions for public, academic, and school librarians, talking with keynote speakers Martha Brockenbrough and Coe Booth, and offering our recommendations for downtown Tacoma's best food and drink. In addition to conference-related articles, the November issue features a piece on Washington State's amazing online art collection, a profile of the Early Learning Advisory Council's first official librarian, and our regular readers advisory, legislative, and humor columns.

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