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The primary purposes of Washington Library Trainers shall be to share information, communication, learning, and support for those involved in or interested in:

  • Training, career development, and continuing education for library staff
  • Education and instruction for library users

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  1. Read the relevant chapters (about 40 pages in all)
  2. Listen to John’s Google talk  (about 50 minutes) where he discusses these two topics, or
  3. Look at the Exercise and Attention summary info on the Brain Rules website
I highly recommend the book (which is available at your local library, although I think it’s worth owning) but he’s a pretty dynamic speaker so the Google Talk would be the next best thing.

Remember our proven techniques for success with independent learning:

      • Schedule - time on your calendar to complete the activities.  You may want to schedule a back-up time in case you can’t get to it on your first try.
      • Deadline – you have one – before 9:30 am on June 10th
      • Peer Support – we’re learning together!  Yay!  Fun!
      • What’s in it for you?  Learning is your business!   Learning about how humans learn is a win for your own personal learning and for your staff.  Plus, we’re testing out techniques for successful independent learning here, so it’s a double win!

Pay attention to what seems to work for you.  Any other ideas or insights to share before we meet in a few weeks?


Elizabeth Iaukea