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The Alki Editorial Committee Needs YOU

With a number of terms expiring soon, Alki, the journal of the Washington Library Association, is seeking committed, engaged library professionals like never before!

Editor (effective August 2017): The Alki Editor is responsible for providing a balanced mixture of relevant, thoughtful articles and features on the issues and concerns of all library personnel. The editor also ensures that the journal is a responsive and inspirational voice reflecting WLA to a diverse library community. The Alki Editor is contracted to a two year term with a modest stipend.

Editoral Committee Members (effective July and August 2017): Alki will need to fill six committee slots this year and are looking for members who are thoughtful, motivated, curious, and in possession of excellent writing skills. Committee members help brainstorm future issues and contribute content. Editorial Committee members serve a two year term.

You can take a look at the current roster and the official duties of the committee. Interested? Contact Sheri Boggs, Alki Editorial Committee Chair.  

About Alki
Alki became the official print journal of the Washington Library Association (WLA) in 1983. Alki’s editors have each brought something different to the job and the intervening years have brought new production tech­niques, new ways of relaying content and new expec­tations. Alki’s originators wanted a journal that was broader in scope than other library association publications, a journal that published material other state library journals and periodicals would not and that encompassed diverse people and ideas within the library community. So, from the beginning, Alki’s offerings have included everything from scholarly historical pieces and conference session reports, to humor and philosophical pieces. Alki has had it all.
Alki, which took its name from our state’s motto, is published online three times per year in March, July and November. Traditionally, each issue centers on a theme selected by the Alki Editorial Committee with one issue per year dedicated to coverage of WLA’s annual conference.

Since 1997, WLA has posted issues of Alki on its website. In November, 2012, Alki became an online-only publication. WilsonLine and Ebsco also include the full-text contents of Alki and Library Literature indexes Alki fully, including back issues.

Purpose Statement
Alki’s purpose is to communicate philosophical and substantive analyses of current and enduring issues for and about Washington libraries, personnel and advocates and to facilitate the exchange of research, opinion and information.

The Washington Library Association (WLA) does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for errors or damages of any kind resulting from access to its journal or use of the information contained therein. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented as factual.

The statements, comments or opinions expressed by contributors to the journals are those of their respective authors, who are solely responsible for them, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Washington Library Association (WLA).