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WLA 2024 Spring Fundraiser

Online Silent Auction | May 8-31

We are excited to announce that we will be re-launching the WLA Silent Auction, our 2024 Spring Fundraiser event. The online event, happening from May 8-31, offers everyone the chance to participate in bidding on specially curated items. This initiative aims to raise funds for WLA, and we're thrilled to reintroduce this eagerly awaited event for this year!

Please check back soon to browse our list of auction items!

Get #WLA2024 Virtual Access!

Virtual registration is still available for the WLA 2024 Conference! Register todayVirtual conference highlights include:

  • Virtual content available to all attendees to watch on demand through May 2, 2024.
  • User-friendly app to help you access recordings and materials, build your schedule, find new connections, and participate in community discussions.

Our annual conference facilitates unique opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Academic, Public, School, and Special libraries across the state. Our Conference Committee has designed this conference for library professionals of all job roles, from all types of libraries, and at all career stages. You'll leave with connections, ideas, and information to put into action.

 Announcing the 2024 WLA Pawsident - Chewy!

WLA Paswident winner, Chewy

The results are in! Chewy has been elected as the 2024 WLA Pawsident. It was an exciting race with bark-to-bark donations at the last moment, but Chewy secured the lead with a total of $735 raised.

Give all of our nominees and generous donors a round of a-paws for the success they fetched in this fundraiser - you all raised the woof by raising a total of $2800 for our ongoing #SupportWALibraries fundraising, which assists with WLA scholarships, member services, and more. 

Stay tuned for 2024 WLA Pawsident merchandise to be added in the WLA store!

We hope you'll join us in Spokane as we recognize Chewy at #WLA2024.

K12Librarians4AllWA Campaign

" "Washington schools need Teacher Librarians!

All Washington K-12 students deserve access to a strong school library program with a qualified Teacher Librarian. We believe all Washington students deserve access to strong school library programs directed by qualified Teacher Librarians. Decades of research confirm that students with strong school library programs and qualified Teacher Librarians have better educational outcomes and are more prepared for post-secondary education. This is especially true for students who experience poverty or other risk factors. However, school library programs in Washington are currently not equitably distributed, with those most in need of strong school libraries having the least access to them.  

We hope you use this website to learn about the importance of all school libraries for Washington students.  Join us in urging Washington State elected officials to support school library programs for all Washington students.


Statement on Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read

The Washington Library Association has released an updated Statement on Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read. Read the statement in full on WLA's Intellectual Freedom Section (IFS) site, and explore other free resources related to intellectual freedom and freedom from censorship.

Want to become a member of IFS? Joining the section is free with WLA membership. Add the section to your existing membership or request to join by contacting the WLA Office.

WLA Statement on Anti-Racism

The Washington Library Association decries the brutality Black communities experience from those charged to protect and serve. Libraries are providers of vital resources for historically underserved communities, and this work has never been more important than it is now. We are responsible for continuing to do this difficult, sometimes painful work that demands we address our biases and how they impact our ability to serve our communities equitably. We urge library professionals across Washington to fight for Black lives, actively oppose systemic oppression and police brutality, and prioritize anti-racism in all that we do. The WLA Board is committed to doing this anti-racist work within our association. To be silent is to be complicit.

For resources regarding anti-racism, click here.