WLA Mission

The Washington Library Association leads, advocates, educates, and connects.

Become a WLA Mentor

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The WLA Professional Development Committee is hosting a Mentorship Program for Fall of 2021. We are currently recruiting candidates for the mentor pool. Are you interested in helping develop future leaders, grow your leadership skills, and contribute to the profession? Then being a mentor is for you! Potential mentors are encouraged to apply June 1- July 31 and will be notified in August should they be paired with a mentee. Mentors must be current WLA members.

July Alki: Call for Articles

The Washington Library Association’s Alki is now accepting articles for its July 2021 Issue! We want to hear from all library types and from all library workers, including students, staff, and those new to the profession!

While libraries have a unique mission, we also face the same challenges and successes that any workplace does. This issue, entitled "You Are Not Imagining It," invites reflections and contributions on experienced organizational culture, including vocational awe, imposter syndrome, and more.

WLA Statement on Anti-Racism

The Washington Library Association decries the brutality Black communities experience from those charged to protect and serve. Libraries are providers of vital resources for historically underserved communities, and this work has never been more important than it is now. We are responsible for continuing to do this difficult, sometimes painful work that demands we address our biases and how they impact our ability to serve our communities equitably. We urge library professionals across Washington to fight for Black lives, actively oppose systemic oppression and police brutality, and prioritize anti-racism in all that we do. The WLA Board is committed to doing this anti-racist work within our association. To be silent is to be complicit.

For resources regarding anti-racism, click here.