2021 WLA Board

Danielle Miller
President 2021
Washington Talking Book
& Braille Library

Ahniwa Ferrari
Vice President/ President Elect 2021
The Evergreen State College

Muriel Wheatley
Treasurer 2021-22
Timberland Regional Library

Emily Keller
Past President 2021
University of Washington Libraries

Erica Coe
Director 2021-22
Academic Library Division Rep
Olympic College

Lisa Vos
Director 2020-21
Public Library Division
Libraries of Stevens County

Rebecca Wynkoop

Director 2020-21
School Library Division Rep
Seattle Public Schools

Alycia Ensminger
Director 2021-22
Special Library Division Rep
Washington State Library

Steven Bailey
ALA Councilor 2019-21
King County Library System

Marissa Rydzewski
Student Representative 2021
University of Washington iSchool

Ex-Officio Board Members

Brianna Hoffman
Executive Director
Washington Library Association


Advisory Positions Reporting to the Board

Kate Laughlin
Strategic Advisor
Washington Library Association

Jane López-Santillana
PNLA Representative 2020-21
Sno-Isle Libraries

Carolyn Logue

WLA Lobbyist

To contact all Board members, please email [email protected].