2020 WLA Board

Emily Keller

President 2020

University of Washington Libraries

  Danielle Miller

  Vice President/ President Elect 2020

  Washington State Library


  Rhonda Gould

  Past President 2020

  Walla Walla County Rural Library District


Ahniwa Ferrari

Director 2019-20

Academic Library Division Rep

The Evergreen State College

Joe Olayvar

Director 2019-20

Special Library Division Rep

Washington State Library


Lisa Vos

Director 2020-21

Public Library Division

Libraries of Stevens County

   Rebecca Wynkoop
   Director 2020-21
   School Library Division Rep
   Robert Eagle Staff Middle School


                                Joy Neal

                                Treasurer 2020-21

                                La Conner Regional Library


Steven Bailey

ALA Councilor 2019-21

King County Library System





Kaitlyn Griffith

Student Representative 2020




Reporting to the Board (not elected officers)


Brianna Hoffman

Executive Director

Washington Library Association



Kate Laughlin

Strategic Advisor
Washington Library Association


                                  Jane López-Santillana

                                  PNLA Representative 2020-21

                                  Sno-Isle Libraries



To contact all Board members, please email [email protected].