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2024 WLA Pawsident Election

Announcing the 2024 WLA Pawsident - Chewy!

WLA Paswident winner, Chewy

The results are in! Chewy has been elected as the 2024 WLA Pawsident. It was an exciting race with bark-to-bark donations at the last moment, but Chewy secured the lead with a total of $735 raised.

Give all of our nominees and generous donors a round of a-paws for the success they fetched in this fundraiser - you all raised the woof by raising a total of $2800 for our ongoing #SupportWALibraries fundraising, which assists with WLA scholarships, member services, and more. 

2024 WLA Pawsident merchandise is now available in the WLA store!

We hope you'll join us in Spokane as we recognize Chewy at #WLA2024.




Candidate Statements


Voting for the 2024 WLA Pawsident is now closed. The WLA Pawsident will be announced in WLA Wednesday and on WLA social media on Feb. 7, 2024.

The pet that raises the most funds will be declared 2024 WLA Pawsident! The winner will be recognized at the 2024 conference, will become an unofficial non-voting member of the WLA Board, and will have their picture available on merchandise in the WLA Store for the next year. The election is part of our ongoing #SupportWALibraries fundraising, which assists with WLA scholarships, member services, and more.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the WLA Office at [email protected]. Thank you for your support of WA State library professionals and students!