WLA Position Descriptions

2019 position descriptions are currently being updated. The draft versions of several 2019 position descriptions are posted below.

WLA would like all members to be involved and participate in the organization. These position descriptions are provided so that you can read about the duties of each position and make informed decisions about getting involved and running for office. If you have questions about any position, you may contact the WLA Office, or go the the current Board Roster, or Committee Roster to find contact information for the person that currently fills the position, or to whom the position reports. Also, please note meeting attendance expectations for elected officers listed below.

Elected Officers

President (2019 draft)
Vice President (2019 draft)
Treasurer (2019 draft)
ALA Councilor (2019 draft)
PNLA Representative
WLA Board Director (2019 draft)

Committee Chairs
Coordinator of Communications
Coordinator of Continuing Education
Interest Group Coordinator
Conference Coordinator

Reporting to the Board

Alki Editor
Federal Relations Coordinator


Alki Editorial Committee
Finance Committee
Professional Development Committee
Conference Planning Committee
Member Services Committee
Marketing & Communications Committee
Awards Committee
Legislative Committee
Nominations Committee