Library Related Legislation

The Association actively pursues a legislative agenda that presents the interests of its members through a legislative planning committee and a contract government relationship representative who works with the Washington State Legislature. WLA has two lobbyists, Carolyn Logue and Steve Duncan.

Save the Date

On March 16, 2017, librarians, trustees and library supporters will gather in Olympia to visit with legislators and share their stories about how libraries support the educational attainment levels of Washingtonians and contribute to the health of local economies.

Every voice is important and we hope you will join us on March 16th to tell your story!

2016 Library Legislative Day

2015 Library Legislative Day

2014 Library Legislative Day

2013 End of Session Report

2012 Legislative Session Final Bills

Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs

WLA Legislative Planning Committee
2016 Legislative Planning Committee
2015 Legislative Planning Committee
2011 Legislative Session Report
2010 Legislative Session Report
2009 Legislative Session Report
2008 Legislative Session Report
2007 Legislative Session Report

Washington State Legislature Links
Washington State Legislature
Find Your Legislator (includes District maps)
Member Rosters & Information
Bill Information (includes links to the text of Initiatives)
Legislative District Map
Legislative District Look-up by Zip Code
How a Bill Becomes a Law

Federal Library Legislation Links
ALA Washington Office
District Dispatch (ALA Washington Office Blog)
Subscribe to ALA Washington Office Newsline (ALAWON)
Legislative Action Center
Children’s Internet Protection Act from ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and Washington Office.

Library Advocacy Resources
Legislators and Libraries A Guide for Improving and Maintaining Communications
Building Legislative Support – Winning Library Champions
Advocating in a Tough Economy Toolkit