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Sasquatch Book Award 

Kids' Choice Award for 4th through 6th grades

Sasquatch Reading Award

        • Read or listen to any two nominated titles to be eligible to vote. 
        • Books can be found at your school library and at the public library. Ask a librarian if you need help. 
        • Voting takes place March 15 -April 20 and the winner for the state is announced shortly after voting closes. 

And the 2018 Sasquatch Award Winner is... Coming very soon

 2017 Sasquatch Award Winner

Kinda Like BrothersThe Washington Library Association's Sasquatch Book Award Committee is thrilled to announce that the young people of Washington State have elected Coe Booth's Kinda Like Brothers as the 2017 Sasquatch Award Winner. Coe Booth describes Kinda Like Brothers in this way: 

 "Jarrett doesn't trust Kevon. But he's got to share a room with him anyway.  It was one thing when Jarrett's mom took care of foster babies who needed help. But this time it's different. This time the baby who needs help has an older brother -- a kid Jarrett's age named Kevon. Everyone thinks Jarrett and Kevon should be friends -- but that's not gonna happen. Not when Kevon's acting like he's better than Jarrett -- and not when Jarrett finds out Kevon's keeping some major secrets.  Jarrett doesn't think it's fair that he has to share his room, his friends, and his life with some stranger. He's gotta do something about it -- but what?  Kinda Like Brothers is the story of two boys who really don't get along -- but have to find a way to figure it out."

Kinda Like Brothers is Booth's first book for middle grade readers. For more information about Coe Booth, please see her website

Thank you to everyone who read and voted!

Curious to see how the other nominees did? The pie chart below shows the percentage of votes each book received.