2019 WLA Candidate Statements

Board Candidate Statements

Vice President/President-Elect

Emily Keller
The Washington Library Association has been an essential community to me throughout my career, and I would be honored to serve as WLA Vice-President/President-Elect. I have been involved in WLA in a number of capacities, including serving as Chair of the former Continuing Education Committee, member of the Alki Editorial Committee, Annual Conference Committee Co-Chair, and Board Director. From all of these perspectives, I have been impressed with our leadership’s capacity for continually improving the Association. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of so many role models and mentors I’ve found in WLA, and would bring a collegial, collaborative, transparent leadership approach. My involvement in the Association has also prepared me to bring continuity of leadership through familiarity with our recent history, including reorganization, mergers, and other major transitions.

As an academic librarian, I have been a minority in WLA, but I have always appreciated how much there is to learn from members from a wide range of settings and roles in libraries. Today, we encourage library workers to see themselves reflected in the organization through the establishment of divisions for public, school, academic, and special libraries. At the same time, I would like to see the Association continue to build upon the strength of our diversity and prevent our divisions from retreating into silos. We can honor and support the strong affinities we have within the divisions while also further developing robust collaboration across divisions. Our common commitments to intellectual freedom, equity, access, outreach, and lifelong learning are testament to how much we have to offer each other. WLA is well-situated to facilitate these boundary crossings.


Patty Ayala Ross
I would be honored to serve as Vice-President/President-Elect of the Washington Library Association. I received my MLS from the University of Arizona in 1998 and since that time, have worked at a variety of jobs. Most applicable to WLA is the time I spent at the Washington State Library where I helped manage the first Statewide Database Licensing contract with ProQuest and was subsequently hired by ProQuest as a trainer. Through these two positions, I experienced the library world at a macro-level, visiting numerous libraries in Washington and nationwide. I have also been a reference librarian, branch manager and now, the Director of the Puyallup Public Library. One strength I bring to WLA is my ability to see the bigger picture because of my experiences with so many different libraries.

I am passionate about our profession and believe that libraries can change lives and communities. I applied for my first public library card in Tacoma when I was 19 years old. I grew up in a blue-collar family without emphasis on reading but somehow still discovered the power of books. I am eternally grateful that I found this profession and over the years, I have worked alongside many talented library staff members committed to serving their communities every day. I will always fight for libraries—ALL libraries. I strongly believe that when we band together and support one another, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. I humbly ask for your vote and promise to do my very best if elected.


Board Director, Academic Library Division Representative

Shireen Deboo

I've been a college librarian in the Seattle Colleges district since 2006 and worked at Highline before that.  My involvement with WLA began during my graduate school years at UW, when I was a WLA scholarship recipient.  After that, I served as reference services chair on WLA with Elinor Appel.  I think it's important that the open enrollment college librarians across Washington have a forum for connecting about work challenges, solutions and trends.  I'm happy to do my part in ensuring that forum thrives. 




Ahniwa Ferrari
Hi there! My name is Ahniwa, and I’m running for the position of Board Director, Academic Library Division Representative. I’ve been a member of WLA for about ten years, now. In that time, I’ve served on various committees and chaired and co-chaired Interest Groups (now Sections) and Divisions including: Reference Interest Group (RIG), Serving Adults in Libraries (SAIL), and the Academic Division. I’m excited about continuing to represent academic libraries in WLA and to continue the work I’ve started on bringing more academic library staff into the association and more academic programs to the conference. I’m excited about bringing CLAMS into WLA and working closely with those members to continue supporting their vibrant community. I’m also on the board of ACRL-WA and look forward to exploring partnerships between that group and WLA.

As far as work goes, I am currently the Associate Dean of Library Operations at The Evergreen State College. Prior to this position I was the Associate Dean for Library and eLearning at Grays Harbor College. I’ve also worked as Electronic Services Librarian at Saint Martin’s University, and held some great positions at the Washington State Library and with WebJunction.

I believe I have the experience, knowledge, and drive to have a great impact in this position for all academic library staff, and thank you for your consideration.


Board Director, Special Libraries Division Representative

Joe Olayvar
Hello, as a fourteen year veteran of the Washington State Library, it’s my privilege to be supporting libraries of all shapes, sizes, and locations throughout our state with IT, STEAM programming, and hands on training related to technology.  I’ve also served in WLA the past five years as WALE Conference Chair, Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair.  Currently, not only am I serving as WALT’s Web Master, but I’m also serving as Board Director – Special Library Division Representative.

In many ways, I feel that I’ve found my niche within libraries, and can’t think of a better profession at this point in my life.  The wide range of opportunities I have in making positive impacts for library staff and their patrons through them, is a position I feel very blessed to be in.  It’s a pleasure to serve those who serve their communities so well.  

Not surprisingly, as my term on the WLA Board winds down, I find myself wanting to continue my duties.  From mostly a Special Libraries perspective, I would like to finish helping WLA navigate its remaining changes while solidifying changes made, as well as foster Special Library membership as it grows.  So it would be an honor for me to again serve WLA and its membership as Board Director – Special Library Division Representative.  Thank you for your time.


ALA Councilor to the Board

Steven Bailey
I am excited for the opportunity to represent the Washington Library Association as your ALA Councilor. I received my MLIS from the iSchool at the University of Washington in 2005 and have worked for the King County Library System since 2006, with progressively increasing responsibilities, including Branch Manager and my current position of Librarian Services Manager.

In 2014, I was accepted into the Leadership Institute of South Puget Sound, a yearlong intensive leadership development program. I built on this amazing experience by participating in the 2015 ALA Leadership Institute. It was at the latter that I began to understand the structure and governance of ALA, and the importance of the work being done by state and regional chapters, like WLA, in guiding ALA policy decisions and advocacy efforts; and the benefit chapters receive from ALA, through the Office of Intellectual Freedom and the Office of Library Advocacy, for example.

My recent committee work includes WLA’s Alki Editorial Committee (2013-2017) and the ALA Business Reference in Public Libraries Committee (2016-2020). Most notably, I’ve spent the last two years serving on the ALA Chapter Relations Committee as an intern, working on important issues such as the Subcommittee on Improving Communications with Chapters.

The highlight of the last five years has been meeting and learning from amazing library professionals from across the state and the country. I hope to lend my passion for leadership and public service to advance the interests of both the Washington Library Association and the American Library Association.


Student Representative to the Board

Bethany Ellerbrook
Hello! I am Bethany Ellerbrook, a current WLA member and MLIS student at the University of Washington, and it is my honor to run for the 2019 WLA Student Representative. This past year I worked for circulation at UW’s Suzzallo and Allen Libraries, and I am currently completing my internship with the film archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. My studies are centered on public library advocacy, community engagement, and media literacy. This past year I had the honor of joining WLA as a student representative for the 2018 WA Library Legislative Day and ALA Advocacy Bootcamp. This first-hand experience took the theory I have learned in school and allowed me to put it immediately into action in Olympia.

I have always considered myself a storyteller. I believe the best way to advocate for our libraries is to make our stories heard to our communities and decision-makers. As a Student Representative, I would serve as the liaison between university-level curriculum makers and Washington library advocates to communicate how each can better support the other. Furthermore, I would work to bring awareness of state legislation and WLA initiatives to the current cohort of UW library students as well as encourage their early involvement in advocacy efforts. It would be my honor to share the stories of WLA’s hard work as the next Student Representative. Thank you!


Pearl McCrea
My name is Pearl McCrea and I am running for 2019 Chair of the Library and Information Student Section. I find great value in the creative problem solving I take part in at the University of Washington Gallagher Law Library within the Technical Services department. I have always been passionate about learning and curious about the ways in which we present and store information. With the continued budget and staff reductions, it is essential we use our time as efficiently as possible. Since my hire at the Gallagher Law Library in January 2017 I have developed and implemented a new method for processing our monthly invoice/statement from our largest monograph vendor that automated the process and ensures the purchase order lines are now searchable. I also initiated the transition from previous inefficient vendor selection systems to using Alliance approved vendor, GOBI. With this transition I provided training and assistance to selectors to utilize the new vendor. My role as Library Specialist I at the Gallagher Law Library has provided me with the necessary experience to make the informed decision to pursue my master’s degree in library science with a law focus. With immense pleasure I have accepted an offer to attend the Masters of Library and Information Science program at the University of Washington iSchool starting in autumn 2018. It is my intention after attending the iSchool to continue working for the law library. I am passionate about building community and facilitating library growth and collaboration. It is my aspiration to be elected as a Washington Library Association Student Representative so I can share my passion and inspiration with a larger network of librarians.

Thank you for your consideration.


Rachel Ramey
If elected Student Representative for the Washington Library Association, I would be honored to advance the voices of this state’s future librarians when it comes to matters of library advocacy, the direction of this field, professional development needs, and equitable outreach. As a second-year MLIS student at the University of Washington, I use my current role as co-president of the Association of Library and Information Science Students, peer advisor, and prospective student host to facilitate conversations between the student body and the program administration. If selected for this role, I would use these skills to do the same for all students in Washington. I want to step into this role with insight into the needs and desires of current students, and to elevate their voices on both practical and aspirational matters. Social justice, equity, inclusion, community outreach--without actions to back them up, and support from the field as a whole, these are just buzzwords. Current students, myself included, are interested in changing the dialogue about these topics and how they are applied to librarianship.

As current MLIS students, we are the future of librarianship. We cannot advance as a profession without the wisdom of the past, ambitions of the future, and creative collaboration between these two camps. As a six-year Washington resident, I am committed to equitable librarianship in this state and will continue to be so once I complete my degree. Combined with my passion for representation of all voices, this commitment will serve me well if elected.


Hanna White
Hanna White is a second-year MLIS student at the University of Washington Information School online. She is currently the WLA representative for the iSchool's sALA chapter, and has been in active communication with the current student representative to the WLA board for the past year. In addition to her role as a student, she is currently a senior library assistant with Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL). In this position she has participated on multiple committees at both the branch and district-wide level. She is a current ALA member and attended ALA Annual 2019 in New Orleans as a representative of FVRL. Her experiences as a student and library staff member make her an excellent candidate for the position of student representative to the WLA board.






Division Candidate Statements

Academic Library Division - Chair

Caitlin Bagley
My name is Caitlin Bagley, and I am an Associate Professor specializing in Instruction at Gonzaga University. I have worked in just about every role in the library from cataloging to circulation and everything in between, but I feel that my skillset is best described as one where I teach students about the intersections between technology and information literacy. I have written several articles, chapters and a book on this, including: Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing Projects. In addition to this, I have over 8 years of experience in the field, having previously worked as a Humanities Librarian at Murray State University. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Classics from the University of Kentucky and a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Indiana University.

For the past 4 years, I have served as an organizer and Treasurer for the Inland Infolit Group. I’m excited to become more involved with the Washington Library Association and the Academic Library Division. I believe that professional involvement strengthens our career enrichment, and creates better connections with librarians working in the field. I hope that I can help librarians trying to reach professional goals through this division while also increasing participation from all parts of Washington State.


Academic Library Division - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Steve Overfelt
I have worked at the Holland-Terrell Library on the campus of Washington State University in many capacities, but always as a member of the Access Services/Circulation department. I began when I was pursuing my MA in Political Science here at WSU as a student worker. I left to do field research after my course work was completed and returned as a Staff Assistant for another year and a half. After a five year leave that took me to Seattle and Washington, DC, I returned to Pullman as a part time staffer in 2014, and was then promoted to a Lead/Trainer position with full time hours in 2016.

My favorite parts of the job include working with our student employees and personally assisting our patrons in their searches. Matching a patron with their materials and assisting them with other materials they hadn’t thought of provides great satisfaction. Having worked in customer service for most of my adult life, creating happy patrons and employees is a significant part of my day. When not at work I am probably planning an overseas trip. I have traveled to 21 countries and have number 22 and 23 on my radar.

Currently, I am a member of both the Oregon Library Association and the Washington Library Association. I am an active member of the OLA and serve as their representative in the role of Exhibitor and Sponsorship Coordinator to the upcoming OLA/WLA joint conference in April 2019. I feel it necessary to put the same effort into WLA by serving as the Vice Chair to the Academic Library Division, should I be elected. I look forward to meeting and working with other members of the WLA as we work to protect and enhance the services libraries are essential for.


Academic Library Division - Secretary/Communications

Nicole Gustavsen

I am excited to express my candidacy for the position of secretary/communications of the new Academic Division of the Washington Library Associate! I’m an early career academic librarian working at the University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College Campus Library, with a 2016 MLIS from the UW Information School. I’ve been happily working in Washington libraries in some capacity for 8 years, previously at Odegaard Undergraduate and Suzzallo Graduate Libraries on the UW Seattle campus. I am a believer in actively supporting and nurturing local and regional library organizations, and my candidacy for this position is a direct expression of this value.

Since last May, I have been the secretary for CLAMS (College Librarians and Media Specialists of Washington State), and have been involved with the organization’s transition process. I’ll be representing CLAMS at the upcoming WLA Conference in October. I would be honored to bring this experience to WLA’s Academic Division and to continue to represent the interests of college librarian and media specialists within the division.

The role of secretary and communications coordinator is a vital one for sewing together the fabric of the division and supporting the work of its more senior officers, especially at this early stage in its life. My experience not only as the current CLAMS secretary but also as a librarian who successfully balances multiple committee appointments, plans instruction and events, and contributes to library social media, make me a natural fit for the wide-ranging duties of this position. I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you.


Jessica Koshi-Lum
Aloha! My name is Jessica Koshi-Lum and I am an Instruction Librarian at Renton Technical College. At Renton, I coordinate the library’s instruction program, teach information literacy to a diverse student population, and collaborate with faculty and staff in working to create successful educational outcomes for our students. Prior to working at Renton, I have worked at several community colleges in the Seattle area and in Honolulu in public services and technical services roles. Statewide, I have served on the executive board as a webmaster for the Hawaii Library Association. This year, I served as the Faculty Grant Coordinator for an Assessment in Action research grant and have worked with community and technical college library teams from across Washington state by providing support for their projects. I am big on collaboration and am constantly looking for ways for librarians to connect with information and with each other.

If elected as your Secretary, I hope to contribute to WLA by engaging academic libraries across the state by creating networking and educational opportunities. Building connections with each other is an integral part of the work that we do and I would love for us to continue our conversations on topics like Open Educational Resources, First Year Experience initiatives, student empowerment, and working with diverse populations. I am excited for the possibilities 2019 will bring and I look forward to being an active member of the Washington Library Association.


Amy Thielen
My name is Amy Thielen and I have worked in the Access Services department for the Holland & Terrell Libraries at Washington State University for the past 2.5 years.  Previously, I worked and volunteered in various academic and public libraries and earned my MLS from Emporia State University.  I would like to be considered for the secretary/communications position in the Academic Library Division to expand my involvement with WLA.  I believe my previous journalism experience, current leadership experience, and involvement with other library departments will aid me in this position.  When I was in college, I wrote for Washington State University Vancouver's student newspaper where I learned how to listen and communicate peoples' points of view and decisions.  Within the Holland & Terrell Libraries, I serve as the chair of the libraries' employee engagement working group, head of our department's safety task force, co-chair of our department's event planning committee, and participate as a member of the libraries' health & safety working group.  Additionally, I perform a weekly reference shift for our libraries' reference department.

In the secretary/communications position for the Academic Library Division, I would like to promote and communicate the benefits of joining and attending WLA programming and conferences for academic library staff at all employee levels, departments, and types of colleges.  Interacting with staff from other departments in my current position has helped me understand how interdepartmental collaboration among academic library staff can better serve our patrons. Thank you for your consideration for this position.


Public Library Division - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Summer Hayes
I have been a public librarian for 14 years, focusing on teen and adult services in settings that range from small neighborhood branches to large urban libraries.  As someone who has seen the narrative of public libraries shift from traditional services to outreach and community engagement I am well aware of both the challenges public libraries face in providing equitable programs and services and the potential for positive, long-lasting impact.  Central to my philosophy as a librarian is a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in every aspect of library services.

In addition to my deep knowledge of public library work I bring strong project management experience gained through ten years serving on and chairing YALSA selection, award, and process committees.  Additionally, I have been directly involved with supporting or launching many system-wide work groups at regional and city library systems, most recently SPL’s Teen Summer of Learning committee. 

As the newly created Public Library Division becomes established my goal is to see it develop into a true  hub for Washington’s public librarians by proving networking opportunities, a space for collaboration and idea sharing, and a bank of regional knowledge to help library staff prepare for continued changes in the public library profession.  Thank you for your consideration.


Rachael Ries
My name is Rachael Ries and I am honored to be considered for the Vice-Chair of the Public Libraries Division of the Washington Library Association. Over the past six years working in Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries, I have steadily progressed from an Assistant I and currently serve as the Washougal Branch Manager. I am passionate about growth in myself and in the field of Librarianship.

I have developed leadership skills through branch management and as a member of the 2017 Public Library Association Leadership Academy cohort. These experiences led me to establish the first seed library in our system and provided me with contacts at libraries across the nation from whom I continue to learn. I have served as Vice Chair (2016) and Chair (2017) of the 13-member FVRL All Staff Day Committee. We put on a conference that included more than 10 speakers and received the most positive comments from staff to date with over 200 staff attending. I regularly and successfully collaborate with groups inside and out of the library world.

I am deeply committed to being a positive leader in my field. I have benefitted from WLA and national conferences and understand the importance of statewide collaboration and support. More importantly, I want to give back to this profession which has such an impact on communities of all types.

Libraries continue to change and adapt with the needs of our patrons, technology and budgets. If elected, I would bring the positive energy to the Vice-Chair of the Public Libraries Division that I am well known for throughout my district and beyond. I am excited about connecting with library staff around the state and am excited by what, together, we can accomplish for Washington libraries.


Sam Wallin
I have worked in public libraries for the past 14 years, as an assistant, a librarian, a branch manager, and now in my role as analyst and project coordinator for Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL). At FVRL I have worked on the front lines and in administrative roles, taken part in strategic planning and taken the lead on major projects.  I've been a member of WLA for many years, and have served on conference committees on several occasions, including conference co-chair for the OLA/WLA joint conference in 2013, and as one of the program and conference co-chairs for the 2018 WLA conference in Yakima.  I work in and with small, rural libraries, bookmobiles, and also larger urban and suburban library branches.  I've lived my whole life in Washington State.  I grew up in Chewelah, north of Spokane.  I have a BA from WWU in Bellingham, a MLIS from Emporia State University via their Portland cohort, and I now live in Vancouver. 

I believe when libraries share knowledge, experience, and creativity with each other, it benefits everyone.  I would bring that spirit to the role of Public Library Division Chair, and look for great ways for libraries across our state to learn from each other.  The annual conference is one wonderful way to connect, but I'm also interested in supporting smaller, less formal but more focused connections between libraries.  One example of this is in my role as Analyst I've been able to connect and collaborate with other library analysts from around the state and the region.  It's a newer role for most library systems, and we're discovering a great deal from each other that I believe helps all of our organizations develop better methods for evaluating services and assessing our impacts.  

I would be honored to work with and lead the Public Libraries Division of WLA.  Thank-you!


Public Library Division - Secretary/Communications

Marvin Waschke
In 1955, I received my first library card from the bookmobile of the Whatcom County Library System, where I am now chairman of the board of trustees. Since my first library card, I have spent many hours in both public and academic libraries. While a student at the University of Chicago studying classical Chinese history and philosophy, I worked part time in the library and practically lived in library reading rooms. For a short time, I was technical manager of the WWU Education Library. Later, I became interested in computing, acquired a BS in computer science and developed network and service management systems.

Since 2012, I have written three books on computing. The first two covered cloud computing architecture and the most recent was on personal cybersecurity. I am a Victorian literature enthusiast and I am active in several online Victorian discussion groups, especially those related to Anthony Trollope. I have recently become interested in George Elliot and the Brontes. I self-published a mystery novel set on the South Side of Chicago.

During thirty years in the software industry, I was both a manager, developer, and editor of an inhouse technical journal. Much of my career was spent analyzing and modelling computer networks and customer service and relationship management systems. I have found this experience helpful in understanding the way public libraries work and how they can improve.

For the past 5 years I have been a library trustee, combining my love for libraries with my experience in developing and managing large corporate computer systems.  I have found this most satisfying and I would like to continue by helping the Washington Library Association in their efforts to promote libraries.


School Library Division - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Marian Royal
I am honored to have been nominated to serve as the WLA School Library Division Chair-elect for 2019. As a newcomer to Washington, I’m eager to get involved in Association work. I recently took the position of Library Services & Instructional Materials Manager for the Seattle Public Schools. In this role, I support, advise and trains librarians in 104 schools.  Previously I worked as the District Libraries Coordinator for the Albuquerque Public Schools in Albuquerque, NM.  I have over 20 years of experience serving students in public school libraries.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in my state associations.  I was most recently the 2018 New Mexico Library Association President.  Prior to 2018 and for a period spanning 20 years, I served as NMLA Vice-President/President-elect and Annual Conference Chair, NMLA Conference Site Selection Chair, NMLA By-laws Chair, NMLA Program Committee member and Advocacy for School Libraries SIG Steering Committee member.  I served for three years as a Trustee of the New Mexico Library Foundation and for two years on the Libraries Transform New Mexico Task Force which convened two statewide conferences on libraries and is still actively advancing legislation to provide funding for school libraries in New Mexico.

As the School Libraries Division Chair-elect, a primary goal would be to continue to work toward getting legislation passed that would secure and fund school librarian positions and collections around the State.  The MSOC appropriation needs to be a mandate.  I’m on a mission to make that happen. Further goals would be to grow the Division and encourage greater participation by members in Division leadership. We have a powerful voice when we unite together to share the message.


School Library Division - Secretary/Communications

Hillary Marshall
I am honored to be considered for the Secretary/Communications position for the WLA School Library division.  My name is Hillary M. Marshall and I’m the  Washougal High School Library Media Specialist.  I have been an educator for 23 years and a school librarian for 19 years in various elementary, middle and high schools in Washington and overseas in South Korea, Brazil and the Philippines.  I bring a wealth of K-12 school librarianship experience and a regard for including all cultures.  

I am a strong candidate for this position due to my strengths and experiences. My colleagues appreciate my innovative and collaborative information literacy instruction and frequently my administration ask my advice to help organize various events.  I used my writing/research talents and assumed the Publicity/Communications role for our Washougal Association of Educators and helped capture and keep the attention of the local media for our fair contract bargaining pursuits.  I am a driven individual who loves the challenge of change.  I jump in, do the research and work, and make new programs happen.  After three years of research and grant writing, I successfully opened our BETA Base (Makerspace) which incorporate student generated monthly challenges.

As our WLA School Division heads into more advocacy work, making sure all dollars allocated for our school libraries are given to benefit our collections and services for our patrons, I envision an energetic, collaborative, and innovative school librarian is needed for the job.  I’m that girl!  Thanks for the opportunity and consideration.


Special Library Division - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Judy Pitchford
34 years ago, I began my library career as an elementary school librarian in Virginia. After I moved to Washington State, I began my tenure with Washington State Library in 1998. I worked first in the prison branch libraries, then moved to the Digital Collections Department in 2002, where I am now the Digital Collections Coordinator. Though these three types of librarianship are quite different, they have helped build my knowledge of the varied array of libraries and theirdiverse needs.

If elected Vice Chair of the Special Libraries Division (SpLD), I would be particularly interested in seeking out more continuing education opportunities that meet the vast and varied needs of the special libraries community. I would also work hard to help the Chair of SpLD keep the momentum of the previous leadership to grow our membership and build even more partnerships within special libraries and beyond.



Jessica Short
It has been a privilege to serve on the Member Services Committee Special Libraries Division and I would be honored to take that work to the next level as the Special Libraries Division Vice Chair/Chair Elect.

As a librarian with extensive experience in a variety of special libraries, and now being an employee of ProQuest in Seattle, I feel that I am in a unique position to help this division move toward an exciting future.  As the Special Libraries Division Vice Chair/Chair Elect, I would strongly support the Chair in supporting our mission, charter, and vision.  

I am a naturally curious person who loves meeting new people and especially librarians, and connecting people together. I feel that I can be most effective in the two areas of 1. engagement across current members and 2. supporting opportunities for recruiting new members.

There are so many amazing librarians here doing interesting and valuable work. I would so love to encourage more interaction amongst us. When I was at the TN State Library and Archives, I founded the program MITCH (Middle TN Cultural Heritage Group) which sought to connect members of the cultural heritage community to engage and share their professional successes and activities with one another, create opportunities for collaboration, and generate a community of general support.  As the Special Libraries Division Vice Chair/Chair Elect, I would enjoy creating programming events such as the soon-to-be established Journal Article Club, brown bag lecture series, special library tours, and trivia nights (librarians are excellent trivia players!).  I would work with the Chair and other members to establish a programming calendar and promote those events with various materials (budget allowing!) such as magnets, mailing bulletins, and various social media, including adding a calendar to our own Special Libraries page.

Regarding recruitment, I am actively involved in the UW iSchool under the iAffiliates program and would like to make use of their alumni information to identify and recruit librarians already employed in special libraries but who may have little or no awareness of WLA.  I would also like to strengthen the relationship with the Special Library Association Pacific Northwest Chapter by attending their events and meetings as a representative of WLA to help us to connect with information professionals who haven’t previously considered membership in WLA or the SpLD.

It would be a great honor to continue developing the foundation of the Special Libraries Division as the 2019 Vice Chair.


Section Candidate Statements

Children & Young Adult Services (CAYAS) - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Beth Bermani
At the Mount Vernon City Library, it puts a smile on my face every day that I wear a name tag that says, “Youth Services Librarian.” I specialize in early learning, and gain valuable insight into our community’s resources for early learning as secretary for the Children’s Council of Skagit County. Prior to working in libraries and pursuing my MLIS, I taught High School English for several years.

I have been participating in WLA for five years, starting with WALE and now with CAYAS. For WALE, I served as Communications Officer and Conference Committee Member for two years. For CAYAS, I am currently the Communications Officer. I am also thrilled to serve as a member of the Sasquatch Book Award Committee.

WLA involvement continually expands the horizons of my library career by connecting me to people, committees, and ideas that make me a better librarian. I look forward to using my varied committee work experience to step out of my secretary/communications comfort zone and take on the challenge of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect. In this position I would continue the work of my predecessors as we strive to expand membership and provide relevant professional development and networking opportunities.


Children & Young Adult Services (CAYAS) - Secretary/Communications

Sue Hart
Most of my working life has been oriented toward serving the public, including 12 years within the Youth Services department of the Ellensburg Public Library. I delight in and hone the craft of building bridges; whether that looks like better communication, collaborative community efforts, friendships or connecting special services to those who may benefit. Having served on many community and national boards, I have gained the experience of positively working and making gains within organizations and committees.

That said, I must acknowledge what feels like a personal challenge to engage more teens in the world of libraries. It makes sense that the work we librarians do to enchant children must continue for teens in order to grow active adult patrons. The CAYAS division of WLA has provided helpful programming and information for me in this “mission”. I want to be on the same team that advocates for awesomeness for teens!


Lisa Racine
I am delighted to be considered for the Secretary/Communications Officer position in the CAYAS division of WLA. Currently, I am the Youth Services Librarian at the Bainbridge Library with the Kitsap Regional Library System. I am no stranger to webpages or social media accounts, utilizing many personal ones as well as having managed numerous online accounts for various organizations in the past. I am intimately familiar with different backend webpage domains as well as popular social media platforms. Social media has its ups and downs, but when properly leveraged can be a great tool for promotion and connecting with others in the field.

In this role, I would branch out into other social media platforms as well as focusing on increasing traffic on existing webpages and social media. WLA and CAYAS play an important role in the lives of Washington library staff and will only increase in importance as our world becomes vastly more digitized. The ability to connect with others in the profession helps librarians from across the state connect, and having someone able to successfully communicate vision as well as day to day information is crucial. I believe that given the opportunity I would effectively and efficiently support CAYAS in a communications role as well as help move the organization forward into the brave unknown.


Collection Development & Technical Services (CATS) - Chair

Megan Dazey
Hi!  My name is Megan Dazey and I am up for chair of the CATS section.  I am a current ALA ALCTS member and have served as tech services chair for committees within the Oregon and Montana Library Associations.  I have worked in both academic and public libraries in a variety of tech services positions, always focusing on cataloging or collection development.  I have been in Washington for almost seven years and am currently the Library Services Manager at the Puyallup Public Library.  Here I manage technical services, circulation, collection development, a little bit of reference and a lot of everything else!  I believe that cataloging and collection development are very important to every library.  If patrons and staff can’t find a library’s collection in the catalog then it won’t get used no matter what wonderful stuff has been purchased for the library.  I would like to see WLA offer more at conferences related to technical services work and provide training opportunities for both professionals and paraprofessionals that work in all types of libraries.



Intellectual Freedom Section (IFS) - Chair

Lisa Vos
Hello! My name is Lisa Vos. I would very much like to serve as your Intellectual Freedom Section Chair. I have been patronizing the library world all my life. For almost 6 years I have worked with the Libraries of Stevens County and it continues to be a challenging and amazing experience. I am currently the Circulation Supervisor at the Colville Branch. This is my 4th year being a member of WLA. I have Co-Chaired a WALE conference, served as WALE Vice-Chair, Chair and Past Chair and in 2018 I served as the Intellectual Freedom Section Vice-Chair.

Intellectual freedom has always been a personal goal for me and should be taken extremely seriously. I guide my co-workers in everything from patron privacy to censorship, individual rights to unrestricted points of view. Free access to information is truly priceless and our patrons may need our non-judgmental assistance to guide them. I would like to see our Intellectual Freedom Section more active in the future and I always have an open invitation for any ideas for programs, webinars, and/or sessions that will help each of us grow and provide the best service to our patrons.

Intellectual freedom is an individual right in our society I value most and that is why I will serve you well as your future Intellectual Freedom Section Chair.


Intellectual Freedom Section (IFS) - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

James Davenport
We find ourselves now in a dangerous time, when public speech often seeks to obscure truth. It is nevertheless important to the American society that we protect free speech, variety of public expression and information challenging to absurd definitions of reality.

I am an attorney with forty years experience, practicing mainly environmental and natural resource law. I am a Trustee of the Yakima Valley Library District, Chairman of the Yakima County Law Library Board of Directors, and president of the non-profit corporation that supports our local community library. I love libraries.

Intellectual freedom is a value that matters. Until the recent past, stupidity has been its own censor. Privacy has been a guardian of freedom of thought. Now, technology can trumpet stupidity, breach privacy and manage thought. Broadcast of individual point of view without regard to truth can lead to restraints on free expression. We must keep all our channels open so that an informed public can sort out poor or false thinking and recognize worthy and creative ideas. Libraries should act as a model of that openness, both as to their own policies and as to the messages they teach.


Intellectual Freedom Section (IFS) - Secretary/Communications

Karen Kline
I have had the privilege of serving as the WLA Intellectual Freedom Section Co-Chair this year, and I look forward to continuing the work next year as secretary. If elected, I can support the incoming chair and greater membership with recent history of our communication work with ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, professional development offerings and plans, and web page updating.  As those of us working with information and the public know, the ability to uphold the rights to read, speak, display, and meet in libraries are more threatened than ever. WLA upholds the high standards that I believe are essential to ensure these rights through its mission to lead, advocate, educate and connect. As I begin my twentieth year working in public school libraries, I hope to bring my experience to this position while giving back to so many who paved the way before me. I would like to see this section grow and connect, so that anyone in Washington facing a censorship challenge can find a member to provide local support. Together we can protect and defend...kinda like the Avengers.



Leadership is for Everyone (LIFE) - Chair

Elizabeth Partridge
My name is Elizabeth Partridge and I would like to join the WLA community as Chair of LIFE. I have been with Longview Public Library since 2005, where I am the Adult Services Librarian. As I have learned, when you serve an organization with a mission and vision to improve and support the community, your ability to adapt and change with the needs of the community determines a lot of your success. No matter how expectations and services evolve between a library and its community every single person on staff has an important role to play. Every person can commit themselves to skill development and team effort to meet these changing community demands- regardless of their position at the library.

In the face of such a dynamic relationship, strong leadership is necessary to carry out our library’s vision to enhance the community, and improving my own leadership skills has been a priority for me over the years. I also believe leadership skills are necessary for anyone to be successful in their role at the library. I share my knowledge of leadership with those around me by developing and providing staff and volunteers with group training, as well as one-on-one mentoring. I also provide training and learning resources in areas like customer service and ethics. In order to serve the library and be a part of the larger conversations around community development, I participate in and lead public presentations and forums, and I have also taken on leadership positions. I am dedicated to serving our community – both inside and outside of the library.


Library & Information Student Section (LISS) - Secretary/Communications

Michelle Reid
Hi, my name is Michelle Reid and I’m a current iSchool student at San Jose State University. I’ve been a library assistant for the Tahoma School District for five years, and am excited to be pursuing my MLIS. I find it so rewarding to apply what I’m learning in the classroom to my work, and collaborating with students from across the US (and beyond!) is an added bonus. I discovered my passion for librarianship the round-about way, first earning my BA in English from the University of Washington and working as a technical writer for several years. Attending an online-only program presents both challenges and opportunities for networking. I’m interested in helping provide ways for fellow LIS students to connect with each other, share experiences and opportunities, and learn from professionals in the field.  I’ll bring my experience as an online student, together with my enthusiasm for librarianship and learning with others to the LISS Secretary/Communications position. 


Serving Adults in Libraries (SAIL) - Chair

Maria Arcorace
Hi there! My name is Maria Arcorace and I am running for Chair of SAIL (Serving Adults in Libraries). I have had the pleasure of serving as an Adult Services Librarian for the past 3 ½ years, my first year in Yolo County, CA and the last 2 ½ years at KCLS. I work in South King County, a thriving and diverse area, which I absolutely love! I care passionately about serving adult populations. The library was there for me at various times throughout my life when I was lacking direction and money but had goals and dreams, so I understand firsthand the importance of public libraries to the wellbeing and advancement of the people we serve at all stages of their lives. My current role offers me the opportunity to support a variety of community needs and interests, such as providing introductions to library services and programs at local job training programs, ESL classes, and refugee service organizations, serving as a Readers’ Services Liaison at KCLS, teaching tech classes at local senior centers, and leading maker programs, both low and high tech. I am excited to share my experiences, as well as learn from others, so we may work collaboratively to see what great things we can do to meet the needs of our individual communities by leveraging our statewide resources and networks.


Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) - Chair

Samantha Hines
I’m the Associate Dean of Instructional Resources and Library Director at Peninsula College, and a PhD candidate in Ethical and Creative Leadership at Union Institute and University. I chose to work at the community college level because of the social justice component of access, one which librarianship shares. Equitable access to information is a human right and a library worker’s responsibility. I’ve focused my professional efforts around developing better connections between library services and social services and addressing the equity gap in librarianship. I would love to extend my experience with WLA and build on my past work with the Montana Library Association and ALA’s Social Responsibilities Round Table with this position.



Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) - Secretary/Communications

Alexa Andrews
My name is Alexa Andrews and I’m the Branch Manager of the North Fork Community Library in beautiful (and small) Kendall, Washington. I am passionate about social justice, which is why I have found my professional home in libraries, where knowledge is accessible for the benefit of all. I am excited for the opportunity to serve as Secretary for the Social Responsibilities Round Table because I am both eager to expand my own knowledge about how libraries can serve diverse communities, especially the disenfranchised, and know that I have the skill set for this role.

I will have been working in public libraries for five years in January and I just began my first semester at San Jose State University (online) on the way to my MLIS. My BA is in both Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, giving me a great base of knowledge about how culture and government intersect. I serve as a current Board Member for the Kendall/Columbia Valley Connectivity Plan, served as Co-Chair of the Whatcom Democrats Outreach Committee from January 2017 to August 2018 and was part of the 2016-2017 cohort of Whatcom County Library System’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Through service on the WLA SSRT, I hope to help libraries in Washington parse out our social responsibilities as librarians at a time where the mores of the profession are changing. I am thoughtful, highly organized and want WA libraries to be welcoming and accessible for everyone.