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2021 ALD/ACRL-WA and ACRL-OR Joint Fall Summit

The Academic Library Division/ACRL-WA and ACRL-OR will host a virtual summit on Friday, November 5, 2021 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

The summit theme, Old Spaces, New Spaces: Reimagining the Boundaries, hopes to address the changing and newly established boundaries for our work and personal spaces — physical, digital, social, and cultural — throughout academic and college librarianship. What spaces have been discovered over the past year, and how should those spaces be cultivated?

How will library staff navigate the physical spaces of the library as patrons return? As some staff return after working remotely while others have been working in physical spaces for the past year, there are new tensions and new boundaries to negotiate.

How will library workers engage with patrons in our social and cultural spaces? With students’ stress and confidence levels in flux, what events, outreach, and programming will restore their sense of self and rebuild relationships with the library? Faculty may have reached their limits on managing a virtual instructional world and a focus on ‘getting it done’ rather than building collaborations and partnerships with the library. How can we reconnect and diminish that distance?

What do boundaries look like in our spaces now? As we seek to achieve a healthy work-life balance, how do we separate our personal and professional lives while working in institutions that often do not reward those boundaries? Can establishing boundaries and spaces to focus on our personal physical and mental health help us take better care of ourselves and better serve our patrons? Are the boundaries we establish in our spaces possible?

Sessions will consist of 20-25 minute presentations, 5 minute lightning talks, or another type of presentation that reimagines the boundaries of a virtual conference presentation. Sessions may be pre-recorded and/or presented live.

Please contact the WLA Office with questions or for more information.