June 8, 2017

Katie Park
Libraries of Stevens County, Chewelah

Katie ParkWhere do you work?

The Chewelah Public Library.

What do you do there?

My official title is Library Assistant I and the Storytime Librarian. This means I read a ton of children’s books, and answer a lot of technology questions, plus the typical checking material in/out and shelving books.

What is the most important work that you and/or your organization do to benefit your community?

Not only is it important for early childhood learning, but it’s also my favorite part of my job, Storytime. Everyone here also answers and helps with a lot of technology issues/questions on every device imaginable. For a small town this is a huge help to our community. I will be teaching computer coding classes at the different branches in Stevens County later this year, using Microsoft Imagine Academy. I’m hoping to get kids and adults in the area interested in technology, and creating great new software for our future.

Approximately how long have you been a WLA member?

One year.

What is your most memorable WLA experience?

Sitting around the fire pit in Lake Chelan making s’mores with the WALE committee of 2015. My husband and my little boys, age 2 and 4 at the time were there, and had a blast. All of my WALE experiences were great, but that was the first time my kids had tried s’mores and the looks on their faces was priceless.

In what ways have you gotten involved with WLA or taken advantage of its benefits?

I was the Facilities coordinator for the WALE 2016 committee, and had a wonderful time with everyone involved. I also helped with planning for the Learn Local events in April this year.

What would you tell someone new to libraries about joining WLA?

WLA has a great group of people running everything behind the scenes, and the members are absolutely amazing people to know and be connected with.

If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be?

Good question. “Where Do You Get Your Patience?” My coworkers tell me everyday that they can’t believe how much patience I have with some of our patrons. I have simply learned over time that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.