2017 Library Snapshot Day

Please enjoy this follow-up video to 2017 Library Snapshot week prepared by Nono Burling of the Washington State Library.


April is the month when libraries of all types strut their stuff with special programs and events to shine a light on the library. This year the Washington Library Association is partnering with the Washington State Library to promote Library Snapshot Day from April 9 – 22. During this time window, libraries and library supporters pick one day and take pictures to show “a day in the life of the library.” Photos can be shared on social media sites and hashtagged for findability and retrieval. 

How many times today did you help someone work on a resume? How many people did you help apply for a job online? How many story hours did you offer today – to how many attendees? How many DVDs did you check out to customers today? How many people came through your library's doors?
We need YOUR participation to gather the pictures and anecdotes we need to make this a success. The larger the numbers, the greater the impact.
If you can, please plan a special event for this day so that you can capture it in story and in photos. Perhaps you have a kindergarten class coming in – you could contact the school ahead of time to arrange permission to take photos. Many people will be giving out tax forms and scheduling volunteers to help with tax assistance – another great photo op and a chance to ask someone to tell you exactly what the library means to him or her.

This year, Snapshot Day happens between the dates of April 9-22, 2017. We are calling on ALL types of libraries to participate, large and small, rural and urban, academic, public, school, and special - EVERYONE is urged to participate!

Using the hashtag #WALibrarySnapshot, photos, anecdotes, and data “snapshots” can be shared via::

Another option, should you care to use it, is to collect stories of your staff and patrons telling us why they love their library. A PowerPoint template (download the file) is available to make that easy to do. During the Library Snapshot window Nono Burling at the Washington State Library will be collecting these pictures into a Tumblr specifically set up for the purpose. Let’s create an endlessly scrolling page of all the library awesomeness that is happening around our state!

The more libraries we have participating, the more impressive our final statistics will be, so please spread the word and ask your colleagues to participate!
The WLA office is here to help you, so please contact us if you need any assistance.