April 2018

Get to Know a School Librarian - Mary Moser

Mary MoserWhat was your path to becoming a school librarian?  
I first started teaching in the classroom as a 9th grade Humanities teacher. Working closely with my school librarian got me thinking about the ways that we can build digital know-how with our students as well as committing to fostering readership with my students. When my librarian was getting ready to move, he approached me about fitting into his position. It’s probably the quickest decision I’ve ever made.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? 
I always want to be helpful and this role allows me to be helpful to students and staff. Whether it’s a light-bulb moment for a student or adult, you can’t beat the feeling of knowing that you helped someone move forward.

Tell us about a favorite memory where you really made a difference in a kid’s life as a school librarian. 
My school library is an open space that allows for student independent use from before school to after school. Officially, we close at 3:30 on non-tutoring days. Pre-Charlotte (my now two-year-old daughter), I stayed open until students didn’t need the resources and/or I needed to really get home. That is how I found myself at 5:30 PM helping a student cut and chop away at an essay, fill out a FAFSA, and apply for a full-ride scholarship as the pending 6:00 PM deadline was fast approaching. I had the resources, the knowledge, and time to help this young woman in one of her steps to earning that full-ride scholarship. Except for toddler emergencies, I am likely to, purse and coat in hand, stop to help someone who asks or just looks like they need help.

Who or what inspires you? 
My mom was an educator her entire life, only retiring when health got in the way. She modeled what it means to serve your job, your students, and your staff. Giving of her time, resources, and, at times, salary to better her community and families.

Why do school libraries matter?
School libraries have the power to be an equalizer for students and school communities if allowed to be an open space that molds itself to the needs of the communities. Offering a space for any student to feel welcomed and valued. School libraries are concrete examples of how what we do, think, and say extends beyond the classroom day and walls.

Speed Round:
Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
Smile or game face? Smile, I’ve never been one to buy the “don’t smile until Winter Break” mantra.
Kindle or paper? Paper 
Favorite technology tool? iPhone
How do you want students to remember your library? Place that welcomed and accepted them