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Registration for #WLA2024 Workshops is now closed. On-site registration will be available at the Spokane Convention Center on Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2. However, availability cannot be guaranteed.

Thursday, February 29 | FREE Preconference Workshop | 2:00–5:00 PM

Building Equity-Based Summers
In 2022, Washington State joined the IMLS-funded Building Equity Based Summers (BEBS) project. As a part of this program, libraries across Washington have been involved in conversations, work, and re-thinking tradition to make summer services more equitable for their communities. Join this interactive workshop to find out more about the BEBS program and start doing the work of identifying the “why” of summer services, letting go of tradition, connecting with community, and measuring impact to work towards inclusive and equitable summer services.

Sara White, Washington State Library, Youth Services Consultant
Eli Boyd, Tacoma Public Library, Library Program Coordinator
Maria Shackles, Tacoma Public Library, Neighborhood Services Manager
Jennifer Sullivan, Sno-Isle Libraries, Student Success Coordinator

Sunday, March 3 | Postconference Workshops | 8:30 AM–12:30 PM

Resonance: Libraries Out Loud & On Purpose
The single most important story both librarians and library systems must tell today is The Vision Narrative: your worthy purpose, vision, and thought leadership. (Just take a look at Mychal Threets, unofficial publicist of libraries!) In this fast-paced workshop filled with fun exercises, you will learn how to connect with your constituents. How to inspire them with your compelling vision for the future of libraries. And how to impart urgency in this moment with effective storytelling techniques so you, too, deliver the shiver with impact and joy.

Justina Chen, Author, North of Beautiful

This Is a School Library: Creating Libraries for the Learners Who Need the Most
With a focus on equity and inclusion, this session unpacks how to make systemic changes to library policies and procedures in a way that refocuses the school library on our most vulnerable learners and readers. Together we'll explore next and best practices in collection development, space planning and programming. Participants will leave with practical strategies for creating library spaces that truly reflect their mission.

Jennifer LaGarde, Librarygirl / Teacher Librarian

Celebrate the Freedom to Read
Join us for an engaging session on the crucial topic of intellectual freedom and the power of community support in upholding our First Amendment rights. This session will delve into the significance of having a well-defined policy, explore key points that should be included in such a policy, and offer insights on how to garner essential board support. Intellectual freedom is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy, and protecting the First Amendment rights that underpin it is a collective responsibility. Our session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to promote and safeguard intellectual freedom in your community.

Tracey Thompson, King County Library System, Director of Collection Management Services