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Turning the Page—A One-Stop Shop for Library Advocacy

October 2020 | Rickey Barnett 

As libraries adapt to new public health guidelines and pressing community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, library advocacy efforts are more important than ever. However, advocating the immense value of libraries to stakeholders in such unprecedented times can certainly be challenging. More daunting still can be determining where to even begin our advocacy journey, and how we can keep the momentum going. Fortunately, the Public Library Association has developed an amazing set of resources that will help you jump-start advocacy efforts in your library called Turning the Page. Explore guided sets of curriculums and other in-depth resources that will help guide you through the process of advocacy, from brainstorming to putting advocacy into practice!

Do you or a library user you know have your own story of library advocacy you would like to share? You can use the WLA Advocacy Committee’s Advocacy Stories form to record these meaningful experiences!

Rickey Barnett MSLS, (He/His/Him), Teen & Adult Services Librarian
WLA Advocacy Committee
Secretary Communications, WLA Public Library Division
Edmonds Library, Sno-Isle Libraries




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