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LIFE Meeting Minutes

LIFE Section "Coffee Break"

Feb. 24, 2022 via Zoom


  • Katy McLaughlin, Section Chair

  • Todd Vandenbark, Section Secretary

  • Jolyn ______, Branch manager, Tacoma PL

  • Sara White, WA State Library

  • Gabby Fuentes, Tacoma PL

  • Michael Cox, Whatcom County  

  • Robin Rousu, Seattle PL


What do you want from LIFE?

  • Conversation, not to be “presented at”

  • List of topics on a Google Doc then create breakout rooms based on those topics


Discussion: taking care of your people

Each of us shared examples and ideas.


We will meet again in April.


Leadership Team Meeting 

2-17-2022, 3:30 pm via Zoom

Present: Katy McLaughlin, Chair; Todd Vandenbark, Secretary.

  • Brainstormed ideas and an agenda for next week's "Coffee Break" gathering 
  • Based on interests expressed by "Coffee Break" participants, the Section will look into presenters, webinars, and other resources to share with the group at future gatherings.


Leadership Team Meeting

1-20-2022, 3:30 pm via Zoom

Present: Katy McLaughlin, Chair; Todd Vandenbark, Secretary.

Katy provided an overview of the Section’s work so far:

  • Reviewed draft of the Vision/Mission Statement. The idea for this committee is that leadership is for library staff at all levels and LIFE hopes to support this idea with a variety of resources.

  • An earlier survey of what WLA members would like from this committee found that most respondents are current library directors and others in leadership positions looking for professional and personal development resources.

Next steps:

  • Schedule and publicize a virtual gathering/meet-up with WLA members interested in our work. The event will have a theme designed to generate interest such as coffee, pets, etc.

  • Look for content to contribute to the WLA newsletter.

  • We will meet monthly to plan next steps going forward.