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WLMA 2015 Conference Keynote and Banquet Speakers:

Keynote Speaker - Donalyn Miller                            

Friday morning, October 16, 2015.  Sponsored by Scholastic
Donalyn Miller is the author of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild.  Her website is http://bookwhisperer.com/  Her keynote presentation is made possible by a partnership agreement between WLMA and Scholastic Publishing and Book Fairs.
Donalyn Miller has taught upper elementary and middle school students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was a finalist for 2010 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. In her popular book, The Book Whisperer, Donalyn reflects on her journey to become a reading teacher and describes how she inspires and motivates her middle school students to read 40 or more books a year. In her latest book, Reading in the Wild, Donalyn collects responses from 900 adult readers and uses this information to teach lifelong reading habits to her students. Donalyn currently facilitates the community blog, The Nerdy Book Club and contributes to Scholastic Book Fairs’ Reader Leader. Her articles about teaching and reading have appeared in publications such as Education Week Teacher, The Reading Teacher,Educational Leadership and The Washington Post
Donnalyn Miller's appearance at WLMA is sponsored by Scholastic.


Banquet Speaker - Lyn Hay
Lyn Hay is Head of Professional Learning at the Syba Academy, a private professional learning academy for education and information professionals.  She is also Director of the Leading Learning Institute, a think tank providing educational consultancy services for schools and professional organisations. 

"Think, act, be..."   

Lyn explores the different ways students engage with and interpret their world as inquirers, collaborators, inventors and makers, and examines the richness afforded by the interdisciplinary nature of inquiry and how this is reflected in the world of work. How can we support students to draw upon the disciplinary thinking of a scientist, a mathematician, an historian, or an artist, to explore a burning issue, satisfy a curiosity, or realize a passion, or become an expert. Her website is http://studentslearn.wordpress.com/