Mission, Vision, Values, & EDI Statements 

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To promote the interest of library and information science students by assisting them through networking, WLA membership, career and scholarship resources, expansion of informational knowledge and perspectives growth, mentorship, and social awareness. We also strive to help students foster professional relationships with the WLA community.


A sustainable community of WLA members either pursuing library and information science education or wanting to support those that are in pursuit of becoming informational professionals. 

Advocate for the interests of library and information science students, and to provide resources that help improve their time in library school and beyond.

To make everyone feel welcomed and valued in the library and information sciences profession. All perspectives/contributions are appreciated and respected. 


  • Accessibility

  • Advocacy

  • Community

  • Diversity

  • Growth

  • Inclusion 

  • Individuality 

  • Innovation

  • Intellectual Freedom

  • Resourcefulness

  • Scholarship 

  • Service

  • Teamwork

  • Transparency 

Diversity & Inclusion Statement: 

The Library and Information Student Section (LISS) of the Washington Library Association (WLA) is committed to the growth of and investment in both our community and the profession. We believe this cannot be done without the inclusion of minorities or People of Color (POC). This inclusion starts with making information sciences degrees accessible to all by providing funding, guidance, and resources. 
It is not enough to simply allow those with different perspectives, cultures, and upbringings into an information sciences program. It is also necessary for those administering these programs to incorporate diverse viewpoints, experiences, and outlooks into their pedagogical practices. This can be accomplished by providing topical reading material, facilitating honest and difficult class discussions, and hiring professors that incorporate and reflect the viewpoints of groups who have had limited voices in the information sciences profession.
LISS has a  responsibility to provide access, services, and support to these groups before, during, and after their programs. We strive to provide resources that focus on job applications, support candidates with interviews and give first-time job advice to assist students in navigating this complex (and sometimes terrifying) aspect of being an information sciences student. The LISS Leadership Board is dedicated to our profession's diversity, equity, and inclusion by continually updating our resources, changing library program culture to better reflect underrepresented groups or peoples, being open to suggestions, working on our own personal biases, and assisting our members through their program experiences.