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Charter Statement

The Special Libraries Division unites and strengthens membership by promoting continuous learning, partnerships, and sharing common skills and expertise utilized in specialized library and information settings.


The Special Libraries Division, in accordance with the WLA Bylaws, Article IX, Section V, will have a steering committee with a minimum of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and/or Communications, elected by members of the respective Division, for a one-year term. Additional steering committee members may be added, as needed. Steering Committee chairs are non-voting members of the WLA Board.


The Special Libraries Division Steering Committee will meet at least once a year and submit a quarterly report with the WLA Board detailing its activities, policies, purposes, finances, etc. Steering Committee will keep their Division web page up to date and accurate.


The Special Libraries Division will receive an annual allocation in the WLA budget and may use their budget to support Division activities. Divisions may charge fees for workshops or programs. All Division fiscal procedures will be in accordance with the officially adopted WLA Financial Policy and Procedures or its successor.


The Special Libraries Division will sponsor programs or events at annual WLA Conference, and other activities, such as tours of special libraries, as approved by the Division steering committee.