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WALT Learn Together**

As library trainers, we are always focused on helping other library staff to learn. But it’s just as important to find time to focus on our own learning. We are starting the WALT Learn Together group (March 2016) to support and motivate each other to keep on learning. You are all invited to join!

We’d like to start by studying learner motivation, especially related to the kind of self-directed learning that is so necessary in this era of rapid changes and information floods.

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Our first resource is Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, by Daniel Pink. In the next 2+ weeks, do one or more of the following options:
  • A smart practice for self-directed success is to schedule 3 half-hour blocks on your calendar right away in order to do these activities. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Join together on March 18, 1 PM, for a one-hour online discussion. Share your impressions, reflections, skepticism, etc. as we all try to untangle the mysteries of what motivates us to learn.

  • At the end of this meeting, we’ll choose a new resource and a new milestone for our learning.



    Learn Together: Self-Directed Learning @ WLA

    Intentional Listening. That's the topic that our group decided to explore next as we continued our self-directed together learning. It's also a topic that lends itself to discussing in person. So, our next Learn Together meeting was at the 2016 WLA Conference in Spokane.

    Resources for intentional listening:

      • Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better (TED talk)
      • Listening Intentionally For Better CommunicationWith Others (article)
      • Listening self-evaluation – test your listening skills
      • Pat Wagner: Discovery: A Better Model for Political Discussions (one hour webinar archive) – a good emphasis on listening for discovery, especially apt these days in the contentiousness of politics


        Our next group learning topic is John Medina’s Brain Rules.  We’ll discuss the Exercise and Attention (Multitasking) chapters in the Brain Rules book at our next in-person meeting.

        You have 3 choices for how you’d like to learn:

        We highly recommend the book (which is available at your local library, although it’s worth owning) but he’s a pretty dynamic speaker so the Google Talk would be the next best thing.

        Remember our proven techniques for success with independent learning:

        • Schedule - time on your calendar to complete the activities.  You may want to schedule a back-up time in case you can’t get to it on your first try.

        • Deadline – you have one – before 9:30 am on June 10th

        • Peer Support – we’re learning together!  Yay!  Fun!

        What’s in it for you?  Learning is your business!   Learning about how humans learn is a win for your own personal learning and for your staff.  Plus, we’re testing out techniques for successful independent learning here, so it’s a double win!

        Pay attention to what seems to work for you.  Any other ideas or insights to share before we meet in a few weeks?


March 2018

We are returning to the author Daniel Pink and reading his latest book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.  In the next two + weeks, do one or more of the following options:


  • Check out or download the book When by Daniel Pink and read it.
  • Watch the RSA YouTube video The Secret of Perfect Timing | Dan Pink | RSA Replay
  • Read or listen to this NPR interview with Daniel Pink and read these reviews of the book.

                              The Guardian when-the-scientific-secrets-perfect-timing-daniel-pink-review

                              The Washington Post Best time to have surgery, get sentenced by a judge, get married

Join us for a one-hour online discussion in the month April 2018 (Date/time TBD at our online meeting).  Share your impressions, reflections, skepticism, etc. as we all try to understand better the advantage of knowing WHEN as explained by Daniel Pink in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Other Training Resources


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